Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Disneyland: April 12, 2008

Disneyland was fun!  We had one day left on the five two-day park hoppers that John's family bought when they were here, so we took some friends (Sorry Sara, we realized we had to use them within 30 days of first use): Sue, Scott and Jenn.  

I thought going on a Saturday was going to be chaotic, but we got to ride a lot of rides!
The updated Space Mountain is my favorite I think.  I
 also love, love, LOVE that Buzz Lightyear ride where you basically just play lasertag.  I still think I prefer Disneyworld over Disneyland... but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

Here are the rides we went on:
Tower of Terror (3x)
Space Mountain
California Screamin (lame)
Orange Stinger (made me sick)
Indiana Jones
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Buzz Lightyear
Jungle Cruise
Star Tours
Big Thunder Mountain
Haunted Mansion
+ that Disney Railroad thing

... I think that's everything!  I definitely want to go back someday (but not for a long time!) and also do Universal sometime in the future.  


Anonymous said...

I look so excited.

Thanks for letting me tag along to disney! It was fun!

sshumans said...

this looks fun. it is ok we couldn't go, i am glad you used the tickets.

p.s. enrique is going to be here for all of may. what are you guys up to? maybe we could make a short trip to la?

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