Thursday, February 26, 2009

Debbie, I Shrunk the Brownies!

While strolling through Target yesterday, I happened upon these 100 calorie Little Debbie Triple Fudge Brownies.  Although I have a notorious sweet tooth, I have been trying to eat better so I can lose weight.  That being said, sometimes you just need some chocolate!  I had already tried the 100 calorie Little Debby Nutty Bars, and was pleasantly surprised.  They are just like the normal Nutty Bars, except they don't come packaged in pairs.  Duh, it's portion control.  I get it.  

In order to make their brownie fit into the 100 calorie parameter, Little Debbie used magic ala Rick Moranis to achieve this feat.  I give you the 100 calorie Little Debbie Triple Fudge Brownie :
Are you seeing this magic?  It's smaller than a pack of matches!  I feel embarrassed to say I had expected more.  This is barely a two-bite brownie.  When I ate mine, I begrudgingly took four slow and deliberate bites, annoyed that I was wasting 100 calories on this.  
The taste?  Yummy, chocolate-y... as good as you can expect from Little Debbie.  The thing here is that Little Debbie hasn't actually changed any of its ingredients or methods of baking in order to make these treats healthier.  They're using a shrink-ray... and I totally fell for it.  

Their regular brownie (the one with walnuts), is portioned at 61 g (280 calories).  They sell a box of 12 (six 2-packs) for $1.19, which works out to be about 10 cents a brownie.  
The 100 calorie brownie is portioned at less than 22 g.  A box of 12 sells for $1.79, or 15 cents a brownie.  That's a 50% price hike for 1/3 of the product!

It is worth noting that Little Debbie is NOT the only company doing this.  Some dude named Gary Stibel claims credit for inventing the 100 calorie snack pack, allowing companies like Frito-Lay to charge 70 cents for 1 ounce of Cheetos.  1 ounce of Cheetos is like 4 or 5 Cheetos!

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