Thursday, April 30, 2009


I feel so ashamed and disgusted.  John and I seem to be afflicted with some sort of hoarding disease in which we buy a boatload of food, pack it away deep in our cupboards, and let it expire.  We are TWO people living together in a small apartment.  There is no reason for two people, especially two people trying to eat healthier, to accumulate so much food. Much of this food was barely touched or unopened, and all of it was expired. Not only did we waste a ton of money over the last year, but we could have easily donated this food (before it expired) to some hungry people.  

Things are going to change! I filled up two large trash bags of old food, and I will not let this happen again!


Anonymous said...

I notice a sweet potato product in your refuse. Is that pudding?

Kristen P said...

It's sweet potato bisque from Trader Joe's... at some point I thought I might stew it up, but it was, of course, expired.

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