Thursday, June 11, 2009

As Seen On TV... foodie edition

I love infomercials and the ridiculous products they aim to sell, but while perusing the As Seen on TV site recently, I couldn't help but notice a ton of totally USELESS products.  Here are three of my favorites:

The Roasted Garlic Express.  The world's first electric garlic roaster.  Hmm... this gadget, while kitschy and relatively small, doesn't seem like it would get a ton of use... How often do you roast garlic, and is it really such a pain that you would need a special machine?  Not worth my $50.

The ROTATO EXPRESS.  Well, they win for clever name... it's a potato peeler that rotates and peels - FAST.  I think all of these things need to have the word "express" in their names, to assure the buyer that while this gadget might take up precious counter space, it will peel those potatoes, kiwis or cucumbers in no time! Who eats that many potatoes? Any decent peeler can do the same job, and I can think of 4,000 better ways to spend $20. 

The DOUGH-NU-MATIC doughnut maker!  This actually looks pretty cool and fun, if I weren't trying to lose weight, if it didn't get such horrible reviews and if it didn't cost $150.  

I might not have been fair when I described these products as "totally useless." Clearly, these products each have ONE use... I would love to know how many people are currently suffering buyer's remorse related to the Roasted Garlic Express, Rotato Express or the Dough-nu-matic.  

What are some of your favorite As Seen on TV products? 


jhnjmn said...

I heard they make a special pocket Sham-Wow that is really good as sopping up blood after a hooker bites your tongue off and you punch her in the face.

Paige said...

Oh man...that's ridic. Although, I would like some roasted garlic now and then, but I'm pretty sure my oven can handle it.

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