Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Non-Recipe Update

I took another cooking class last weekend. This one was called Brown Baggin' It. During the class, I chopped until I couldn't chop any more... and I got a week's worth of lunches, to boot. It was great to learn the proper chopping techniques, and to use an awesome Wusthof knife. I really don't think at this point I have much use for a $100 knife. I don't do that much chopping, and I have one of those nifty slap-chopper tools thanks to Johnny's need to buy me every kitchen gadget possible. But I do plan on chopping regularly to further hone and perfect my chop skills.

The top shelf of my "baking cupboard"
My brother sent me some cool cookbooks, including one with all sugar-free dessert options. That is not to say everything is sweetened with Splenda or other artificials... it's all about sweetening with natural stuff, like fruit juices and stuff like that. I could definitely get into that. 

Even though I've been itching to move for the last 2 years, since nothing seems to be on the horizon, I decided to make do with what I have. I cleaned out the cupboards and moved my cookbooks to the kitchen, which makes more sense anyway. It's much better than having them scattered throughout the house, though I'm not entirely sure I've actually rounded up all of the books I own, but for now, this will do. You'll also notice a stack of my Martha EVERYDAY FOOD mags, all of which have too many quality recipes to toss. 

While cleaning, I also found NINE flower vases tucked away in various spots. Anyone have cool ideas for what to do with so many vases? There are a couple I definitely want to keep, but the rest are sort of just generic and taking up space. I could just donate them, but the idea of transporting several glass vases does not sound very appealing to me. I wish I knew a local DIY bride or party planner who could use these. I suppose I could just craigslist/freecycle them, but maybe someone has a cool idea for how to use these? 


Anonymous said...

Not sure what kind of vases they are, but maybe you could use a larger one on the counter for spatulas and spoons and stuff? Smaller ones maybe for pencils and pens on a desk? I don't know I have way too many mom has given me dozens of old crappy vases after ONE TIME two years ago when I said I didn't have one.

Anonymous said...

Give them as gifts -- spray paint one color, let dry, wrap in lace, spray again (different color) tie a matching ribbon or give two with alternating colors. Then they can just be decorative and not even contain flowers.


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