Friday, January 21, 2011

Crack Pie

Yikes! Has it really been a month since my last blog? Happy New Year! I didn't really make any resolutions this year, besides my usual "floss more" and "eat healthier." Oh, and to finally hit my goal weight.

Going along with all of that, I decided my first recipe of the new year needed to be one that contains nearly 5 days worth of calories... and with that, I give you CRACK PIE.

John actually got me David Chang's book, Momofuku, for Christmas. And I'm really excited and nervous to try some of these other recipes. But Crack Pie was something I heard about early in 2010 and have waited all year to try. The occasion special enough for this dessert? Nick's 26th birthday, of course.

it comes out of the oven sort of puffy...
I will say, this recipe was sort of stressful. First, you make a giant cookie that is really delicious on its own. Then you crumble all your hard work into the food processor with some other yummies, and press that into a crust. Then there's the whole "milk powder" issue. Is milk powder the same thing as powdered milk? Google seemed to think so. Unfortunately, all I could find in my regular grocery store was a giant box of non-fat powdered milk. I'm pretty sure non-fat anything would have sucked in this recipe, so I went another way and picked up a canister of "Powdered Buttermilk." It's weird. I thought it would make the pie bitter, but it didn't. 

... but it "shrivels" as it cools.
Another annoying thing is having to bake the pies separately. I sort of cheated on this part because I was running out of time and the pies do need to chill for a bit. Dust them with a ton of powdered sugar! Everyone at the party loved it! Though I did have an entire crack pie left over, I let made Nick take it! I suppose you could try halving this recipe, but some of the measurements might get a bit difficult. Plus, it really is like crack because later that night I was wishing for a few more bites. Well, I've never smoked crack, but I'd like to think this pie has the same effect.

Nick with the crack pipe pie.


Christy said...

hmm.. sounds yummy.. Now, what did it taste like??..
I haven't had anything that good in a long time!! (which is a good thing atually!)

Kristen P - "Praz" said...

... bliss? crack? i'm not sure. It was custardy and yummy and not too sweet...
honestly I think this might be a new holiday pie-staple over some of the more traditional choices. we'll see!
so much cholesterol....

Anonymous said...

One of my friends got the Momofuku cookbook for xmas too...did you see the spread on Alan Benton and his bacon? It's seriously the best pork product in the free world, and definitely worth ordering some (since I don't think a trip to Madisonville, TN would be too convenient for you!)

Kristen P - "Praz" said...

I think I remember you mentioning the bacon previously on your blog! I do watch to try it... but I'm afraid I'll become addicted and I'm not sure I can afford it. I can barely afford regular ole bacon these days. I read an article about the price of pork going thru the roof. This pig eater is NOT happy!

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