Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Colorful Krispie Eggs

Has enough time passed for me to post another recipe debacle? I hope so! I might never forget this nightmare!
I had volunteered to make the rolls and a dessert treat for the previously mentioned Easter dinner at some friends' home. I thought these eggs looked so adorable, and combined three of my favorite things: rice krispie treats, chocolate and sprinkles! How hard could it be?
Apparently, harder than I thought. In my zeal to make a perfectly-formed egg (using plastic easter eggs as a mold), I must have packed the rice krispie treats in WAY too tight. Who knew? They seemed to pop out of the mold easily enough and looked great!
Then comes the dipping in chocolate step... I did some white chocolate, and some regular chocolate. After coating them in sprinkles I set them on some parchment paper to cool/dry before biting into one. 
And nearly destroying the thousands of dollars of dental work I've had over the last couple years. 
Seriously, I couldn't even cut one of these in half to get a nice cross-section picture like Rianne did on her blog. 
John tried to humor me and take a bite as well, but he knew right away that they were destined for the trash can. But not before I could snap a couple photos of my failure!

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