Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honey Bunny

Sorry for the terribly corny blog title this time... 
The genesis? These are Honey Yeast Rolls, from Annie's Eats, and I made them for Easter dinner at a friend's house. And bunny rhymes with honey ... clever, right?

These rolls were pretty easy to make, even though I rarely have patience for continual kneading, resting, rising and waiting. They turned out pretty good, I think. Possibly a little dense, though it's hard to say because I'm not sure how Annie's rolls taste. I didn't use bread flour, so I tried to compensate with a little extra yeast. Next time, I will use bread flour. I will make these again. The honey in the dough and on top of the buns is subtle enough that they're not sickeningly sweet rolls like those Hawaiian rolls that I hate. You must slather butter on these. Suitable for any holiday or regular dinner. Enjoy!

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