Monday, June 20, 2011

Batch Cooking

I've still been cooking and baking, but just a lot of the same old stuff, so there's not been a lot of blog-worthy material. 
Recently, I went on a batch-cooking-binge, and prepared a week's worth of food in one night, including lots of oatmeal and a dozen meatloaf muffins. I had actually doubled the meatloaf muffin recipe, so I took half of the meat and pressed it into one of those disposable bread tins. After topping it with the meatloaf sauce, I covered it in parchment paper and then tightly wrapped it in foil, making sure to date it and write the baking instructions on top. If you want to cook a frozen, un-baked meatloaf, you have to put it in a 350 degree oven for an hour and a half. The meatloaf will be good in your freezer for 3-4 months, but this baby only spent about a month in mine. 
The meatloaf came out as juicy as ever and all I had to worry about was the sides.  
It's great having healthy foods at the ready so I don't have to worry about dinner on a busy night. Planning is key.

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Anonymous said...

I really only think of freezing prepared dishes when it's something like chili or soup. Meatloaf is a good idea though, I think I'll make 2 next time!

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