Friday, August 19, 2011

Mexican Lasagna

A Rachel Ray recipe that is just too good. 
I made a few substitutions:
  • used ground turkey instead of ground chicken (easier to find).
  • used whole wheat tortillas because I couldn't find the spinach ones.
  • used low fat cheese. 
  • used more onion. 
  • I drizzled some taco sauce on the top layer before topping with cheese.
  • Garnished with light sour cream. 

This was so freaking good! I actually had a hard time going thru these photos because they're making me hungry! 
Note to self: Don't blog while hungry!

I found this picture online and had to add it as it seems so apropos to this post!


jhnjmn said...

For the record: This was amazing. I am really lucky to be in love (and living with) with a great chef!

ssHUMANs said...

this looks delic

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