Wednesday, January 11, 2012

... Hello, 2012!

And hello to a bevy of new kitchen gadgets, thanks to Santa and all the other people in my life who spoil me. 

First up, my brand new "mini" bread maker. I guess it's called mini because it makes a smaller, one-pound loaf, but it's still a ton of bread for just me and John. That being said, I've already made three different loaves, with many more to come. I'll discuss these on a later blog. I love it. I also used a gift card my mom got me to buy myself a nice bread knife.

Next, I begged Santa to bring me this relatively cheap, but totally awesome smoothie maker. I am having a blast making smoothies and somehow avoiding the temptation to make MILKSHAKES in it. They're coming, though, I can feel it. 

Then, John's parents surprised me with a sweet and extravagant gift: a super nice 14-piece set of non-stick Calphalon cookware. I love them. I promptly took all my old pots and pans (except my "weathered" baking sheets) and donated them to a co-worker. I love my new pans and I'm being really careful with them, because pretty much anything you would think of doing with them voids the warranty! It's really nice having the perfect size pot/pan for any job, and a matching lid that actually fits! 

My brother got me one of those electrical mini-cupcake makers. It makes 7 mini cupcakes/muffins in 7 minutes, and one box of cake mix made over 60! I spent the better part of New Year's Eve-day baking cupcakes for my friend Jenn's birthday.

So yes, basically this is a blog bragging about all the cool stuff I got for Christmas. But not really... it's like, "here's what's to come!" ... And much more! 

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