Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Back

I had a little un-planned blog hiatus there for a minuteall of February... First I got sick, then I was busy doing the layout for my cookbook, then our iMac hard drive crashed. Luckily, we were able to save the pictures and documents from it before replacing it, but I've just had some setbacks, I guess.
The whole self-published cookbook thing was just a Groupon I had purchased last Fall, and forgot about until I realized it was expiring at the end of February. It's mostly just a recap of my favorite recipes from 2008-2011 and it was sort of a pain to assemble because I was in such a rush. But it's cute and might be a good gift idea in the future... I'd just have to go back and tweak some layout issues I noticed when it was finally printed.
I've been making a lot of new meals courtesy of a meal plan thing I purchased (again, a Groupon) and trying to be good, however I find myself about 10-13 lbs UP on the scale on any given day, and that just needs to change. Luckily, it is now Spring and that's when I find myself to be most motivated. So, I'll have to strike a balance between working out and eating well, but still continuing to bake some delicious foods. 
In other, non-culinary news, I'll be going to Harry Potter World in less than two months and I can not wait!

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