Thursday, April 5, 2012

How To Keep an Avocado Green

I love avocados, and I love living in California where I can regularly get them for under a dollar, sometimes 2/$1! That beats paying $2 or more in Philadelphia. But the problem with avocados is that you really shouldn't eat a whole one in one sitting. Even though I so could. The second problem is keeping that other half (or three-quarters, or whatever) fresh and not all brown and mushy looking! I've tried lots of solutions, including the lemon juice thing and the leaving in a cup of cold water thing...
they work OKAY, but I was usually still left with some brown spots. And the water thing was kinda weird... I did feel like it eventually affected the texture of the top layer of the fruit. 

So here's my new tried and true solution (I'm probably not the first person to do this so I don't think I can patent it):

To save the other half of an avocado, make sure you leave the seed in it. Most importantly, you want to limit the exposure of oxygen to the fruit and removing the seed creates another air pocket. I took some plastic wrap and pushed it gently against the exposed part of the fruit and seed, trying to form somewhat of a seal. Then I wrapped the entire half with another piece of fruit and put it in my refrigerator.
Voila! a day later and my avocado looks GOOD. It was especially good this morning mashed on my sprouted grain mini bagel and sprinkled with some pepper.

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Octavius Orgasm said...

I know this is an old post but I love avocados and I'm gonna try this! I usually just eat the whole thing at once... which is a bit too caloric, not to mention expensive.

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