Tuesday, November 27, 2012


... I have a blog. I kinda forgot. I've still been cooking and baking. Baking more for Hilltop, which is nice. Cooking more (and washing lots of dishes) at Hipcooks. Oh, and I'm getting married. Anyone who reads this blog probably already knows that. So add part-time wedding planner to my resumé. It's not very fun, so far. Finding a venue is proving to be really difficult. So I have no clue when an actual wedding will happen. Everything is $$$$. I am more of a one dollar sign kinda gal. 

Any tips? I've got tons of ideas, just no practical and affordable way to implement them.

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Matrocles said...

If the traditional wedding thing proves too stressful, elope.
Honestly, Christie and I are both had a good time at our wedding and are glad that we had one, NOW THAT IT'S OVER. That said, we've discussed it and if we were doing it all over again, we would elope in a second.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting hitched! Try not to stress too much. If you're not into the standard big traditional wedding, maybe think about renting a large beach house (or mountain house or whatever) for a weekend, and having a rockin' party with just 30 or 40 people invited. Oh and I'm sure if you're in wedding planning mode, you've already seen this site, http://offbeatbride.com, but I referenced it a lot last year as a reminder that you don't "have to" do anything with your wedding that doesn't make you happy :)

Octavius Orgasm said...

Elope. Just elope.

Or have a destination wedding where you just go get married somewhere awesome, and if people care to spend the money to join you there, its on them. I flew out to Vegas to see my friend get married, and I had a great time! She did pay for a luncheon for all the guests who came out, but that wasn't hugely expensive. We spent the rest of our time just enjoying Las Vegas.

But if you really do want to have a wedding reception, look into all kinds of places you could have it. It doesn't have to be all country clubs and fancy halls. Ours was at a fire hall and I think it still turned out nice.

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