Monday, July 15, 2013

Guess Who's Back?

In an effort to not make this a wedding planning blog, and considering that all I've been up to lately is wedding planning, there have been no blogs. That sucks. It's not entirely true that wedding planning is "all I've been up to lately..." but with that plus my regular workload, cooking, doing my nails, baking for my Etsy shop, starting and running a Queen Latifah movie club... it's just all a little too much to add "blog regularly" to the mix.
So, instead of boring y'all (as if there really is a collective y'all... I'm not sure) with the details of a wedding that is 3 months away (omg), I'll just share some food pictures from the last few months, as this, at its heart, was always a "food pics" blog. Not surprisingly, a lot of these are from my Instagram. 

Dulce de leche blondies, Brown sugar cookies, Brown sugar cake (for Brown Sugar QLMC meeting), Wreck It Ralph cake (for the Oscars), Creamy cucumber bites (for Beauty Shop QLMC meeting), Gluten-free chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese icing (so good). 

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