Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meet Minnie!

For years we lived in apartments that didn't allow pets. I would watch those Sarah McLachlan commercials and cry (and cry), but there was nothing we could do. But once we decided to move again, I sought out ONLY apartments that would allow us to have a pet, preferably a dog. We moved in April, and I immediately started scouring PetFinder and the local shelter websites.

On June 3rd, my longtime dream of having a doggie was granted, and we brought our Minnie home. We found her at LA Animal Services over Memorial Day weekend, and after being spayed, we were able to take her home.

Here are some interesting things about Minnie:

  • we had her DNA tested and she is Miniature Pinscher, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pomeranian, and Mix breed (duh). The shelter thought she was a "Chihuahua mix" so this was a bit of a shock.
  • she is NOT a morning person and absolutely hates taking a morning walk.
  • she loves to nap.
  • she does NOT like peanut butter.
  • she is a bit territorial and barks at visitors, but usually calms down after a bit.
  • she weighs 13 and a half lbs. 
  • she gets along with other dogs for the most part, and spends two days a week at doggie daycare.
  • She is approximately a year and a half. 
Back at the shelter when she was going by "Olive."
Being just the cutest. 
Graduated cum laude from obedience school
Give me cheese and we'll be BFF 4E.
I could literally post a hundred more photos, but I won't. You can follow her adventures on Instagram using #MinnieMorelli. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Things I say I would do, with more free time (i.e., no regular, full-time job):

  • Read More ... I'd be a regular Rory Gilmore, if I just had the time!
  • Exercise ... the 40 lbs I lost and re-gained would come flying back off! And more!
  • Bake ... with all the weight I'd lose, I could afford to try out every recipe I've ever Pinned.
  • Craft ... I could start any one of the dozen Etsy businesses I've been considering.
  • Clean ... my house would look like an IKEA catalog (without my salary we'd have to step down from Crate & Barrel aspirations).
  • Blog ... Wittiness would fly from my fingertips daily! Readers would flock to my blog(s)! Advertising dollars would come rolling in!

What I would actually do with those 40 hours every week:

Just 1 more episode...
Snacks. All Day. 
Just a little nap and then I'll get to that laundry.
So, to update. I'm tentatively "back" from a long blog hiatus. I got married. I recently turned 30. I still don't know how to adult. 
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