Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Things I say I would do, with more free time (i.e., no regular, full-time job):

  • Read More ... I'd be a regular Rory Gilmore, if I just had the time!
  • Exercise ... the 40 lbs I lost and re-gained would come flying back off! And more!
  • Bake ... with all the weight I'd lose, I could afford to try out every recipe I've ever Pinned.
  • Craft ... I could start any one of the dozen Etsy businesses I've been considering.
  • Clean ... my house would look like an IKEA catalog (without my salary we'd have to step down from Crate & Barrel aspirations).
  • Blog ... Wittiness would fly from my fingertips daily! Readers would flock to my blog(s)! Advertising dollars would come rolling in!

What I would actually do with those 40 hours every week:

Just 1 more episode...
Snacks. All Day. 
Just a little nap and then I'll get to that laundry.
So, to update. I'm tentatively "back" from a long blog hiatus. I got married. I recently turned 30. I still don't know how to adult. 

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