Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carrot Cake Oatmeal

This oatmeal is really delicious and broke me out of my "dreading the morning oatmeal" funk. We all know oatmeal is good for us, but it can also be sort of bland and boring, depending on how it's prepared. Between this and the pumpkin pie oatmeal, I am no longer "afraid" of my morning oats.
I've made this variation twice and the pumpkin pie oatmeal once. Every time I make a big batch so I have plenty of oatmeal throughout the week. I've learned that it's better to add the raisins directly to the oatmeal mixture, instead of just as a garnish. If you add during the last minute of cooking, that is perfect. They plump up just a bit and help to sweeten the oatmeal. The second time I used both regular and golden raisins, which was nice. I have never made it using the nuts, as the recipe calls for. I would have the first time, but didn't realize until I was halfway through the recipe that my pantry was completely out of nuts. And since I didn't miss them the first go around, I decided to omit them the second time, too. Nuts are expensive these days.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Colorful Krispie Eggs

Has enough time passed for me to post another recipe debacle? I hope so! I might never forget this nightmare!
I had volunteered to make the rolls and a dessert treat for the previously mentioned Easter dinner at some friends' home. I thought these eggs looked so adorable, and combined three of my favorite things: rice krispie treats, chocolate and sprinkles! How hard could it be?
Apparently, harder than I thought. In my zeal to make a perfectly-formed egg (using plastic easter eggs as a mold), I must have packed the rice krispie treats in WAY too tight. Who knew? They seemed to pop out of the mold easily enough and looked great!
Then comes the dipping in chocolate step... I did some white chocolate, and some regular chocolate. After coating them in sprinkles I set them on some parchment paper to cool/dry before biting into one. 
And nearly destroying the thousands of dollars of dental work I've had over the last couple years. 
Seriously, I couldn't even cut one of these in half to get a nice cross-section picture like Rianne did on her blog. 
John tried to humor me and take a bite as well, but he knew right away that they were destined for the trash can. But not before I could snap a couple photos of my failure!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honey Bunny

Sorry for the terribly corny blog title this time... 
The genesis? These are Honey Yeast Rolls, from Annie's Eats, and I made them for Easter dinner at a friend's house. And bunny rhymes with honey ... clever, right?

These rolls were pretty easy to make, even though I rarely have patience for continual kneading, resting, rising and waiting. They turned out pretty good, I think. Possibly a little dense, though it's hard to say because I'm not sure how Annie's rolls taste. I didn't use bread flour, so I tried to compensate with a little extra yeast. Next time, I will use bread flour. I will make these again. The honey in the dough and on top of the buns is subtle enough that they're not sickeningly sweet rolls like those Hawaiian rolls that I hate. You must slather butter on these. Suitable for any holiday or regular dinner. Enjoy!
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